Accessorise the Season: Festival Fashion

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Wishing you a very happy Easter, Love Barbour.

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The famous brass zip is iconic to Barbour. The chunky ring-pull is ideal for cold, gloved hands, and if you’ve got the knack, it’s a handy bottle opener too!

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120 years ago, John Barbour set up the first Barbour shop in 5 Market Place, South Shields. Our headquarters remain in South Shields and our founding principles of quality, durability, attention to detail and fitness for purpose have never changed but now Barbour is a household name in over 40 countries around the world.

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For years, our Repairs and Reproofing department has seen hundreds of thousands of well-loved jackets  returned for rewaxing, alterations and overhauls - whether it’s a little bit extra on the sleeves, a new pocket or a completely new lining. 

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The first waxed jackets used by fishermen in North East England were proofed with a pungent mixture of fish oils which went stiff in cold, dry weather. In the 1890s, John Barbour saw the need for durable, wearable waxed garments, and the first paraffin-treated cotton jacket was created.

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Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out has become a much-anticipated event, and last year for the first time, our Manchester store got in on the action, with classic cocktails and  retro pick n mix. 

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The oldest jacket in the Barbour Archive is Uncle Harry’s jacket from 1910.  Donated to Barbour after many years in the Macpherson-Fletcher family, the jacket is still in good wearable condition now, even after 100 years.

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Originally, our famous tartan linings were traditional pattern ‘setts’, non-exclusive to Barbour and easy to imitate. So, in the early 90s, Dame Margaret Barbour contacted tartan specialists, Kinloch Anderson, to create the patented exclusive Barbour tartans which are now seen in various colours throughout the collection.

The Barbour Tartan is based on the Ayrshire District tartan where the Barbour family originated from in the 13th century.

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South Shields is a coastal town in the North East of England, and the home of J Barbour & Sons Ltd since 1894. Our factory, headquarters and the famous red Beacon - aka the Herd Groyne lighthouse - are all here in ’Shields. 

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Did you know..? Barbour holds three Royal Warrants to supply ‘waterproof and protective clothing’ to HM Queen Elizabeth II (awarded in 1974) HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (1982) and HRH The Prince of Wales (1987). 

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The signature diamond and box quilts are available throughout the Barbour range. Designed to be smart, extra warm and lightweight, the quilted outer has become just as iconic to Barbour as the famous olive green wax cotton.

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What started out as a cult fashion blogging trend in Japan has spread worldwide, with our #BarbourPeople Tumblr blog. Global street style gives a huge insight into who wears Barbour and how they wear it, which inspires new collections, collaborations and features. 

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The Bedale was designed for equestrian use by Dame Margaret Barbour in 1980. While it remains synonymous with the countryside, the Bedale was recently thrust into the spotlight at Glastonbury, worn by Lily Allen and The Arctic Monkeys.

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The new men’s and women’s Heritage collection takes inspiration from classic country life and blends it with shrunken fits, new fabric features and playful new prints. 

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