1922 - Barbour Weather Comfort: Beacon Oilskins 

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1919 - Weather Comfort for Motorcyclists

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Everything we stand for:  The Barbour A-Z 

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For years, our Repairs and Reproofing department has seen hundreds of thousands of well-loved jackets  returned for rewaxing, alterations and overhauls - whether it’s a little bit extra on the sleeves, a new pocket or a completely new lining. 

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The first waxed jackets used by fishermen in North East England were proofed with a pungent mixture of fish oils which went stiff in cold, dry weather. In the 1890s, John Barbour saw the need for durable, wearable waxed garments, and the first paraffin-treated cotton jacket was created.

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Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out has become a much-anticipated event, and last year for the first time, our Manchester store got in on the action, with classic cocktails and  retro pick n mix. 

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The oldest jacket in the Barbour Archive is Uncle Harry’s jacket from 1910.  Donated to Barbour after many years in the Macpherson-Fletcher family, the jacket is still in good wearable condition now, even after 100 years.

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